Supima is the cashmere of cotton. It is superior to other cottons in 3 major ways:




Over the years people have asked many questions about Supima. Here are a few of the answers:

What makes Supima cotton special?
Well, a number of things. It has an especially long fiber which gives Supima unusual qualities of strength, softness and color, but it's also grown 100% in the USA.

How is Supima related to pima cotton?
"Pima" is a generic term for extra-long staple cotton grown in the US, Australia, Peru and a few other countries. It was once called American-Egyptian cotton, but was renamed to honor the Pima Indians who were growing cotton in Sacaton Arizona. "Supima" is 100% American grown Pima cotton which, we think, is the best cotton on the market.

What's the difference between Supima and Egyptian cotton?
All cotton grown in Egypt is "Egyptian", but not all of it is extra-long staple cotton. "Egyptian Cotton" conjures in the mind of many consumers images of the very finest and longest cotton in the world. Egypt does produce and sell some of the best ELS cotton in the world, but it amounts to only about 7% of the annual global ELS cotton exports. Supima is made exclusively of extra-long staple cotton grown in the US and has become the cotton of choice among the world's fine-count yarn spinners.

Is Supima grown in the USA?
Yes. Supima is made with 100% American Pima cotton.

How to I care for Supima cotton?
You can do anything to Supima that you do to ordinary cotton: Unlike most luxury fibers, Supima is actually sturdier than run-of-the-mill varieties.
That means you can machine wash Supima cotton, throw it in the dryer, or use your favorite laundry detergent. And even bleach it.
Use it. Abuse it. Wash it. Wear it.
Supima still looks great.

Where can I buy Supima?
From all of these fine designers and establishments.